Rodrigo Santos – CEPA Forum 2023

September 27, 2023 at 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Event Overview

President of Bayer's crop science division, Rodrigo Santos, discusses how to ensure global food security and rebuild Ukraine.

Join Rodrigo Santos, president of Bayer's crop science division, at the 2023 CEPA Forum to discuss Ukraine's role in food security and reconstruction efforts following Russia's invasion. Rodrigo sits down at Bayer's headquarters in St. Louis with CEPA's director for democratic resilience Sam Greene to explore Ukraine's importance as a major food exporter, the damage to its agriculture from the war, and the massive investments needed from governments and private sector to revive Ukrainian farming and ensure global food stability.


Rodrigo Santos, President, Crop Science Division, Bayer



Sam Greene, Director, Democratic Resilience, Center for European Policy Analysis


Join us for the 2023 CEPA Forum — “Winning the War. Winning the Peace.” — which takes place September 26-29, 2023. Over the course of the Forum, CEPA will host a dynamic series of virtual keynotes, discussions, debates, and stories focusing on the transatlantic response to Russia’s war in Ukraine and how to turn unity into action, bolster collective security, and achieve continued prosperity.

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