About CEPA

The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy institution based in Washington DC, focused on strengthening the transatlantic alliance through cutting-edge research, analysis, and programs.

Our Mission

CEPA’s mission is to ensure a strong and enduring transatlantic alliance rooted in democratic values and principles with strategic vision, foresight, and impact. Through cutting-edge research, analysis, and engagement, we provide innovative insight on trends affecting democracy, security, and defense to government officials and agencies; we help transatlantic businesses navigate changing strategic landscapes; and we build networks of future leaders versed in Atlanticism.

Our Programs

Democratic Resilience

 Investing in Our Common Democratic Future

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Digital Innovation Initiative

Ensuring a Democratic Digital Domain

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Transatlantic Defense and Security

Securing Tomorrow Together

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Defense Technology Initiative

Leveraging Technology for Our Collective Security

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The CEPA Team

CEPA’s work is supported by a team of staff and experts dedicated to ensuring a strong and enduring transatlantic alliance.

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