Should Killer Acquisitions be Banned?
Antitrust authorities weigh whether to stop Big Tech gobbling up startups
Florian Ederer
Treacherous Times for Afghanistan’s Neighbors
The Tajik leader is becoming the most popular man on the block following the U.S. withdrawal
Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek
Weighing Child Safety and Privacy: Apple’s Innovations Underline the Difficult Balancing Act
To get the right balance between child safety and privacy, companies must work with experts in all relevant disciplines to get it right.
Anne Collier
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🇪🇺 “The European Union’s defense and security review, the Strategic Compass, can open the way to a Europe-only use of military power. A transatlantic alliance in its eighth decade will be all the stronger as a result.” @TaniaLatici

In a contested world, is the transatlantic alliance fit to lead democracies through the present and into the future? Join #CEPAForum to learn about how allies & partners are leading security, technology, and democratic challenges. #FitToLead

🇷🇺 “The glimmer of hope is that Russia might be more willing to avoid miscalculation and tactical errors with NATO and its allies.” @MatBoulegue

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