Beautiful Streamer: Confronting Netflix in Europe
When Netflix and other US streaming companies arrived in Europe, governments feared the destruction of their local film industries. They shouldn’t have worried.
Lauri Kivinen
Au Revoir Lupin: AVMS Squeezes European Streaming
Europe’s 2018 audiovisual directive required international streaming companies led by Netflix to expand local film production.
Lauri Kivinen
Storm Clouds Build Over Putin’s War
There can now be no doubt: Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has produced a durable “rally round the flag” effect. The rising tide of public sentiment, however, may be pushing the regime towards dangerous shoals.
Sam Greene
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🇺🇸🇪🇺🇺🇦🇵🇱 I was asked by @TVPWorld_com about my thoughts on the concept of so-called “Ukraine fatigue” growing among global democracies.

My response:

"Refusing entry to Russians may look like an appealing policy, but it could hurt the West’s friends and help its enemies." @KirkseniyaSF

Evaluating Chinese influence in the CEE is an important step in understanding the Chinese strategy and will work as a foundation for building resilience against China’s efforts to increase its political power in the region. @edwardlucas #CCPinCEE

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