Ukraine: Action Must Follow the West’s Tough Words
Russia’s sudden and substantial military escalation in and around Ukrainian territory has captured media and government attention not only in Ukraine but also in the EU, the United States, NATO, and other western capitals.
Kurt Volker
Putin is Testing the West Over Ukraine
We don’t understand Russia’s words, or counter its deeds
Edward Lucas
Conflict in Donbas: What Does Ukraine Stand to Gain?
Most discussions on the risks of escalation in eastern Ukraine focus on what Russia may gain, with or without further military action.
Sarah Lain
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🇷🇺 "The community is suffering the devastating effects of global warming, man-made environmental degradation, and severe poverty fuel depression." @Aliide_N #RussiaExplained

🇨🇳 In this week’s China Influence Monitor, @edwardlucas and @CodaStory examine China’s intimidation of the west as British Lawyers buckle under threats. Plus, a new wolf warrior winner.

🇷🇺🇪🇺 “Putin sees that Europe, crippled by the pandemic, is in no mood for geopolitics. This is a good time to highlight the divisions within Europe (east and west, north and south) and also the gulf in the Atlantic alliance” @edwardlucas

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