Narrowing Data Protection’s Enforcement Gap
Democratic governments around the world have decided that these data protection regulatory regimes are here to stay. Societies must now ensure that these laws lead to meaningful improvements on the ground.
Filippo Lancieri
Russia’s Social Media Self-Censorship Law is Misguided – and the West Must Avoid Making the Same Mistake
Norms should allow users to flag harmful speech, but also to provide clear remedies that ensure a balance of power between citizens, platforms, and states -- regardless of the regime.
Tanya Lokot
Minsk Deals Will Never Bring Peace to Ukraine
Forcing Ukraine to implement the Minsk Agreements will only cause harm. The US should recognize the danger of any such policy.
Daniel Szeligowski
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🇷🇺 “Citizens can come and go as they please in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Unless they’re disobedient or have the wrong ethnic background, in which case they may suffer a different fate.” @KirkseniyaSF

🇷🇺🇺🇦“Russia will not lose its appetite to swallow the whole of Ukraine, but the West can at least make sure it grows sufficiently large to become indigestible.” @dszeligowski

🇲🇰“It will not take a lot of effort to stoke the VMRO-DPMNE’s nationalist, pro-Russian, and anti-Western fires.” @LeonHartwell @JanelleClausen

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