Beyond Vilnius: Implications of the 2023 NATO Summit

July 14, 2023 at 10:00 am to 10:45 am
Virtual Event

Event Overview

Reflecting on the 2023 NATO Summit and implications for the future of NATO’s defense and deterrence and Ukraine’s long-term security.

In the wake of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the transatlantic alliance has wholly coalesced around its core purpose of collective defense, adding new emphasis to resilience, while remaining committed to its crisis management and cooperative security tasks. NATO Heads of State and Government gathered on July 11-12 for a Summit in Vilnius to discuss and deliver decisions to implement the Strategic Concept adopted at the Madrid Summit last year, which prioritized strengthening the alliance’s defense and deterrence. At this pivotal summit in Vilnius, which took place amid a Ukrainian counteroffensive and following internal turmoil in Russia, allies addressed issues related to their defense spending, the defense industrial base, and adaptation of a new NATO Force Model and regional plans. With Moscow continuing to wage its war of aggression, the alliance decide on steps to address Ukraine’s future role in NATO and its long-term security. How do decisions
made at Vilnius deliver on Madrid commitments? How does the Summit position the alliance ahead of the 2024 Summit in Washington? What can Ukrainians expect from the alliance when it comes to safeguarding their security?


Camille Grand, Distinguished Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations  

Scott Kindsvater, Distinguished Fellow, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis 

Moderated by: 

Catherine Sendak, Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis  


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