Democracy Fellowship Fund

Help Support Independent Voices – The Victims of Putin’s War.

The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) has established a fund to support year-long fellowships for highly qualified independent journalists, researchers, and activists who are no longer able to continue their work due to Putin’s war in Ukraine. The fellowships will provide a critical lifeline to support independent voices who have been forced to leave their country or face a direct threat to their lives because of their willingness and courage to write, research, and provide truthful information to educate the public.

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The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) has completed its initial round of applications for the Democracy Fellowship. Although the application is currently closed, CEPA welcomes expressions of interest for potential future rounds of the fellowship. Please complete this interest form and we will notify you when applications reopen.

The Democracy Fellowship is a year-long in-residence fellowship program for highly qualified independent  analysts, academics, activists and journalists from Ukraine and Russia who are no longer able to continue their work due to Putin’s war in Ukraine. The fellowship will provide a vital lifeline to support Ukrainians who are no longer able to pursue their critical work in their own country, whether providing truthful information to counter disinformation, engaging in public debates, and contributing to a greater understanding of the war, or countering the authoritarian threat posed by Putin’s Russia.

Democracy Fellows

Elina Beketova

Democracy Fellow
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Lera Burlakova

Democracy Fellow
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Elena Davlikanova

Democracy Fellow
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Ivan Fomin

Democracy Fellow
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Olya Korbut

Democracy Fellow
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Milana Mazaeva

Democracy Fellow
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Oleksandr Moskalenko

Democracy Fellow
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Grigory Vaypan

Democracy Fellow
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Zarina Sautieva

Democracy Fellow
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Current supporters for the Democracy Fellowship Fund include:

  • The Addy Foundation
  • The Davis Family Fund
  • Ambassador Robert GelbardMember, Board of Directors, Center for European Policy Analysis
  • John & Pamela Beckert Family Foundation
  • Julius GenachowskiManaging Director, The Carlyle Group; Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (2009-2013)
  • Larry Hirsch, ChairmanBoard of Directors, Center for European Policy Analysis; Chairman, Highlander Partners, L.P.
  • Julia Ioffe, journalist and author at Puck, the Atlantic, Washington Post, and the New Yorker
  • Craig Newmark, Founder, Craig Newmark Philanthropies and Craigslist, Inc.
  • Elisabeth de RothschildMember, Singapore Institute of Architects and Member, Ordre des Architects, France
  • David Remnick, Editor, The New Yorker
  • Robert SwartzIndependent Director and Investor
  • George Seay, Executive Chairman, Annandale Capital
  • The U.S. Russia Foundation
  • WME

as well as:

  • David Bunker
  • Christophe Charlier
  • Irene Colthurst
  • Doug Edwards
  • Joshua Friedman
  • Richard Goranowski
  • Dave Gruenwald
  • David D Gregory
  • Alexander Guiva
  • Melissa Havilan
  • Stephen Holmes
  • Mari Kuraishi
  • Lorelei Kelly
  • Jonathan Lehmann
  • Melanie McDonald
  • Mark Medish
  • Sarah Mendelson
  • Grover Miller
  • Valerie Opipari
  • Susan Pikrallidas
  • Matthew Specter
  • Dan Vaughn
  • Boris Wertz
  • Marie Yovanovitch
  • Sarah Ziebell
  • Peter Zorin

and 82 other committed Atlanticists. If you would like to join this effort, support here or email support@cepa.org. Thank you.