Elena Davlikanova is a Democracy Fellow with the Center for European Policy Analysis.

Davlikanova’s work is focused on analyzing opportunities for Ukraine-Russia reconciliation with regard to fascism and totalitarianism in Russia and their effects on Russia, Ukraine, and global peace. She also studies historical, social, economic, and cultural narratives about Ukraine and Russia, their connection to on-the-ground situations, and their influence on decision-making practices and processes. She is an experienced researcher, who in 2022 conducted the studies “The Work of Ukrainian Parliament at Wartime” and “Understanding Ukraine: The Battle of Narratives.”

Since 2011, Davlikanova’s professional life has been mainly devoted to working for the National Democratic Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Ukraine. There she contributed to the democratic development of Ukraine by implementing national level projects for the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of power, as well as to Ukraine’s European integration. Her interests also include promoting gender equality. Among other initiatives, she facilitated the compilation of the book “100+ Stories of Women and Girls from Russia’s War against Ukraine.” Davlikanova received her Candidate of Sciences degree (Ph.D.) in management from the Sumy State University in Ukraine. Her work was based on the facilitated by her national level project aimed at education reform. She is also an Associate Professor in the International Economic Relations Department at Sumy State University.