Military Mobility Workshop: Key Lessons, Insights, and Recommendations

October 20, 2020 at 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Event Overview

Key Lessons, Insights, and Recommendations

Military mobility – the ability to move forces and equipment quickly and safely across Europe – is indispensable for the transatlantic Alliance and essential to credible deterrence. But, NATO currently lacks the capacity to deliver seamless military mobility. While Allied leaders have recognized the need for improvement, there are still significant gaps, misunderstandings, and unknowns. To shed light on these issues and strengthen the Alliance’s defense and deterrence posture, CEPA has spearheaded a special Military Mobility Workshop.
Over the last several weeks, CEPA convened an unprecedented array of interdisciplinary experts and practitioners from the military, industry, and policymaking communities to troubleshoot issues around military mobility in Europe. Participants worked through strategic, operational, and tactical considerations to achieve mobility across five key geographic scenarios: Nordic-Baltic, Suwałki Corridor, Focșani Gate, Western Balkans, and Libya. During this event, the workshop leaders will present the key findings and recommendations from the scenario exercises. Bringing together transatlantic officials and a wide-ranging audience responsible for implementing mobility, the discussions will be a unique opportunity to chart the way forward for improving military mobility in Europe.

LTG Scott Kindsvater, Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee

Discussion: Insights & Recommendations from Scenario Exercises

LTG (Ret.) Heinrich Brauss, Former Assistant Secretary, Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning, NATO
Prof. Dr. Julian Lindley-French, Chairman, The Alphen Group

Scenario Commentators:
Nordic-Baltic: COL (Ret.) John Agoglia, Director, Trinity Planning and Investments
Suwałki Corridor: Dr. Jacek Bartosiak, CEO and Founder, Strategy and Future
Focșani Gate: Dr. Phillip Peterson, President, Center for the Study of New Generation Warfare
Western Balkans: Greg Melcher, Chief Operations Officer, Center for the Study of New Generation Warfare
Libya: BG (Ret.) Hans Damen, Strategic Advisor, Insparcom
Scenario Design: Miriam Ludwig, Program Manager, Bureau für Zeitgeschehen

Moderated by: 
LTG (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair, CEPA
Lauren Speranza, Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, CEPA

Closing Keynote: 
ADM Rob Bauer, Chief of Defense, Netherlands Armed Forces; Chairman-Elect, NATO Military Committee

Farewell and Program Close:
LTG (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair, CEPA

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