The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance will hold its 28th Summit this summer on 11-12 July in Brussels. NATO Summits convene at critical junctures and offer an opportunity to launch new initiatives on the road to a more secure and prosperous Alliance. From London, Madrid, Rome, Prague, to Warsaw, past Summits have paved the way to meet the threats on NATO’s horizon. Will Brussels 2018 be a watershed moment for the Alliance? To help illuminate the current challenges facing NATO and outline a path forward, CEPA is launching “The Road to Brussels” – an in-depth resource to track and analyze the lead up to NATO’s 2018 Summit and its outcomes. Read the latest on The Road to Brussels.


Kremlin Against Norway’s Proposal

On the Road to Brussels, the Kremlin talks of consequences after Norway seeks greater U.S. military presence.


Does Europe Need Nord Stream 2?

On the Road to Brussels, Margarita Assenova and Reka Szemerkenyi speak with Carnegie Europe’s Judy Dempsey about what Europe should do about Nord Stream 2.


Saber Strike: A Warning, Not A Threat

CEPA Warsaw Director Ray Wojcik explains why Saber Strike is a normal deterrence drill, and not a provocation as the Kremlin claims.


“Four 30s” Plan Approved

On the Road to Brussels, NATO defense ministers approve the “Four 30s” plan to strengthen European collective defense.


Saber Strike Starts

On the Road to Brussels, NATO commences exercise Saber Strike, the most recent operation for collective security in the Baltics and Poland.


Allies Secure Airspace

On the Road to Brussels, allies help secure Montenegro’s airspace.


Romania Leads Allied Integration

On the Road to Brussels, Romania is leading the way towards a more integrated approach to Allied security.


Refreshed U.S. Presence in Europe

U.S. Army Europe moves to fortify the Alliance on the #Road2Brussels as the 1st Cavalry Division heads to the frontline.


Russia Tests Bulava Missiles

Russia continues to seek sea supremacy, test launching 4 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles on the Road to Brussels.


Outlining Cyber Priorities

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg outlines the Alliance’s cyber priorities on the Road to Brussels.


Europe Needs German Logistics

Ben Hodges and Elisabeth Braw write that on the Road to Brussels, “Europe needs more from Germany than tanks, it urgently needs German logistics.”


NATO’s Ukrainian Dimension

Last week, Washington sent a message to Kyiv. Janusz Bugajski decodes what it means for U.S.-Ukraine relations and the future of NATO.


Lithuanian cyber developments

CEPA held a productive discussion with Vice Minister of Defense Edvinas Kerza on the the most recent cyber security developments in Lithuania.


Make NATO Great Again

Elisabeth Braw argues that on the road to Brussels, Washington should make an appeal to the German people to make NATO great again.


Alliances can defeat disinfo

Will the road to Brussels be a digital turning point?


Sovereign Skies

Russia continues to dangerously skirt military safety norms in the Baltic Sea airspace ahead of the Brussels NATO Summit.


NATO launches Locked Shields 2018

NATO launches Locked Shields 2018, the largest cyber defense exercise to date ahead of the Brussels NATO Summit.


Strengthening the Alliance

Ambassador Hutchison reaffirms U.S. commitment to strengthening Ukraine’s relationship with the Alliance


Maneuvering Mobility

Mobility is the name of the game for defense planners ahead of the Brussels NATO Summit


The Strategic Balancing Act

Deterrence and resilience are the two tasks facing the West as the threat from the Kremlin becomes ever clearer


The Suwalki Corridor

NATO’s choke point


NATO’s Unstable Central Flank

In a unique territorial configuration, the NATO alliance surrounds an area in Europe that may become increasingly unstable


Cyber Priorities

Here’s how can NATO can work towards law and order in the cyber realm on the road to Brussels


Preparing for the NATO Summit

Why Military Mobility Should Be on Top of the Agenda


Aerial Threats

Russia on Iskander-M missiles in Kaliningrad: ‘so what?’


The Brussels to-do list

Six tasks face NATO as it counts down to its summit in Brussels in July. Each of them is difficult. Each is solvable.


Why Moscow fears NATO

Moscow has manufactured a thick mist of disinformation about NATO in order to disguise its expansionist