Power Vertical Podcast Ep. 42

We’ve got continued fallout from a nuclear accident with echoes of Chernobyl; we’ve got tensions between Moscow and Russia’s largest ethnic group; we’ve got the Kremlin playing footsie with a wayward NATO ally; we’ve got fresh U.S. sanctions on Russia; and we’ve got two prominent U.S. Senators banned from Russia.

It may be Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. and it may still be the August “cucumber season” in Russia but we’ve got lots going on and lots to talk about, so listen as Brian Whitmore and Donald N. Jensen discuss the latest Moscow miscellany on the Power Vertical podcast episode 42.

Audio Clip: “Press Conference Following Russian-Turkish Talks” via the Kremlin. 

Photo: Under Public Domain via Pxhere.

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Brian Whitmore

Brian Whitmore is Director of the Russia Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. Before joining CEPA he was Senior Russia Analyst at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He also worked as a foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe in Moscow and Prague; as a graduate instructor in the Department of Government and International Studies at the University of South Carolina; and as a visiting lecturer in the History Faculty at Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraine and the International Relations Faculty at St. Petersburg State University.

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August 30, 2019

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