A year into Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the transatlantic alliance is at a crossroads. Over the last year, we have seen unprecedented unity in allies’ support for Ukraine’s fight for freedom. US president Joe Biden’s historic and courageous visit to Kyiv underscored the West’s commitment to support Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” But as the war enters its second year, anything short of a decisive victory for Ukraine risks a longer-term protracted conflict, in which Vladimir Putin believes that time will be on his side. Any ambiguity from Ukraine’s allies on our goals only plays in Russia’s favor. That is why what we need now, more than ever, is a coherent Western vision and commitment to Ukraine winning. As CEPA’s high-level advisory group, the International Leadership Council, underscored in its 8-point to-do list for the alliance, the alliance must ensure the war ends this year on Ukraine’s terms. Europe will never be secure if Ukraine is not secure.

CEPA’s mission has always focused on ensuring a strong and enduring transatlantic alliance. Over the last year, we have led a bold response to the war. CEPA has not only provided strategic foresight and timely analysis, but we have also invested in supporting Ukrainian and opposition Russian scholars, journalists, and activists. We launched our Democracy Fellowship Fund shortly after the full-scale invasion to provide a lifeline for these highly qualified professionals. And I am incredibly proud that this year, ten Ukrainian and independent Russian thought leaders have joined CEPA as in-residence fellows for a full year, bringing critical analysis and perspectives on the war to policymakers.

Looking ahead, I, and the rest of the world, continue to be humbled by the courage and determination of the Ukrainian people. It is our duty to ensure that Ukraine emerges victorious and Russia is defeated — anything short of that will have profound consequences for not only the future of European security but the future of US global leadership and the geopolitical balance of power. As we continue to navigate an increasingly uncertain and dangerous world, CEPA will continue to work with our transatlantic partners and allies to advance policy solutions to ensure an alliance that is whole, free, and at peace, with Ukraine as its anchor.