The Road from Chișinău: The European Political Community 

June 9, 2023 at 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
Virtual Event

Event Overview

Reflections on the EPC Summit and assessing its future.

On June 1st, Moldova hosted the second European Political Community (EPC) Summit, hailed as a “sign of European solidarity.” The EPC is increasingly viewed as a useful pan-European forum to align on security, energy, and digital issues, though many leaders still worry the EPC may be used as a “waiting room” for the EU and NATO. Is the EPC being used to its full potential, or is it still a work in progress?
Ambassador of Moldova to the United States Viorel Ursu sits down with Sam Greene to discuss the EPC Summit, the challenges of European cooperation and integration, and the path forward for Moldova itself.


H.E. Viorel Ursu, Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the United States 

 Moderated by:  

Sam Greene, Director, Democratic Resilience, Center for European Policy Analysis 

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