Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli – CEPA Forum 2023

September 27, 2023 at 9:00 am to 9:30 am

Event Overview

Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli receives the 2023 Transatlantic Leadership Award.

Join NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and US European Commander, Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, as he receives the 2023 Transatlantic Leadership Award for his continued leadership supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom and uniting the transatlantic alliance. Gen. Cavoli sits down with the director of CEPA’s Transatlantic Defense and Security Program, Catherine Sendak, to share his insights on the significance of leadership in achieving victory and lasting peace. Gen. Cavoli discusses the alliance's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Finland's recent accession to NATO and the potential for Sweden's membership, the vital role of emerging and disruptive technologies in modern warfare, and their implications for future of European security and the vision for the alliance's collective defense, deterrence, and unity in the coming years.


Gen. Christopher G. Cavoli, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, NATO; Commander, US European Command



Catherine Sendak, Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis


Join us for the 2023 CEPA Forum — “Winning the War. Winning the Peace.” — which takes place September 26-29, 2023. Over the course of the Forum, CEPA will host a dynamic series of virtual keynotes, discussions, debates, and stories focusing on the transatlantic response to Russia’s war in Ukraine and how to turn unity into action, bolster collective security, and achieve continued prosperity.

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