Jake Morris

Program Assistant, Democratic Resilience

Jake Morris is a Program Assistant with the Democratic Resilience at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). Jake spearheads CEPA’s China work and published Information Bedlam, a report on Russian and Chinese information operations during covid-19. Prior to joining CEPA, Jake pursued his Master’s at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) with concentrations in strategic studies, China studies, and international economics. He has also worked at the Pentagon in OSD Europe & NATO Policy and on Capitol Hill with Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT).

Written by Jake Morris

Time to Trumpet the West’s Vaccine Diplomacy A serious humanitarian effort can now get underway, while highlighting Russia and China’s self-serving aid campaigns China’s Covid-19 Fabrications are Older Than Realized Distortion, cover-ups, and outright lies have been weapons in the Chinese communist information armory for decades Game of Hide and Seek Future of AI-Fueled Non-Authentic Behavior Online U.S. Victories Over Huawei May Prove Fleeting CCP support for Huawei’s 5G efforts is part of a larger effort to dominate tomorrow’s technologies and increase its geopolitical influence Information Bedlam: Russian and Chinese Information Operations During Covid-19 Countering Russian and Chinese information operations will require a full-scale approach across the transatlantic space