Franklin Holcomb

Title VIII Fellow, Transatlantic Leadership

Franklin Holcomb is a Title VIII Fellow in the Transatlantic Leadership program at CEPA with a focus on Russian and Eastern European security and political analysis.

Before joining CEPA, Franklin worked as an analyst at the Institute for the Study of War where he published multiple reports on Eastern European security, particularly focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He also worked as an academic assistant at the Baltic Defense College in Tartu, Estonia as part of his master’s degree studies.

Franklin graduated from Texas A&M University with a double major in Russian Language and International Studies: Politics and Diplomacy. He is finishing his master’s degree in Democracy and Governance at the University of Tartu where he studied governance policy, including Estonia’s e-Governance systems. His dissertation is focused on the analysis of the militias of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. He has a deep interest in cybersecurity, particularly as it relates to political and military activity in Europe. Franklin has studied and lived in Russia and speaks advanced Russian as well as some Ukrainian.

Written by Franklin Holcomb

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