Mykolaiv Oblast: Liberated but Still Under Russian Bombardment 

February 7, 2023 at 10:00 am to 10:30 am

Event Overview

Vitalii Kim, head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, opens up about the life of Ukrainians after the liberation of the region from the Russian army, and about the continuing presence of Russian troops on the Kinburn Spit.

Vitalii Kim is the head of Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, which was occupied by the Russian army in February 2022 and liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in November. However, Russian soldiers, who cling on in three settlements of the Kinburn Spit (Vasylivka, Pokrovka and Pokrovske), continue attacking the liberated areas of Mykolaiv Oblast.

Democracy Fellow Elina Beketova speaks with Kim to learn more about the situation on the Kinburn Spit, other recent developments, and the challenges faced by Ukrainians living in liberated territory.


Vitalii Kim, Head, Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration 

Moderated by: 

Elina Beketova, Democracy Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis 

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