Over the last 30 years, Chinese authorities have placed digital technology among their top priorities. However, China is also using its digital dominance to push foreign policy priorities and embed its own technology in transatlantic critical infrastructure. Policymakers in both Europe and North America, alongside media, and civil society, must work together to counter the spread of techno-authoritarianism from China and other malign actors. Questions abound. How does digital influence fit into the wider arsenal of China’s geopolitical toolkit? How are these tactics evolving? What is the overlap with other adversaries’ efforts? And how should policymakers respond?

Speakers:Konstantinas AndrijauskasAssociate Professor of Asian Studies and International Politics, Vilnius UniversityAlicja BachulskaChina Analyst, Asia Research Centre, War Studies University; Member, MapInfluenCETim RühligResearch Fellow, Swedish Institute of International AffairsNaomi WilsonVice President of Policy, Asia, Information Technology Industry Council

Moderated by:Edward LucasSenior Fellow, Democratic Resilience, Center for European Policy Analysis