Policy Pitching Competition: How Will You Win the War and Win the Peace?

Confronted with profound existential threats, the transatlantic alliance has turned unity into action, bolstering our collective security. However, policymakers will need new innovative ideas to ensure future security, stability, and prosperity. As part of CEPA Forum 2023, the Center for European Policy Analysis, in partnership with European Horizons, is hosting a competition to find unique and imaginative policy ideas from next-generation leaders to help the transatlantic alliance “Win the War. Win the Peace.”

About the Competition

CEPA is looking to bring the ideas of next-generation leaders to the attention of established policy professionals in the United States and Europe in the key areas of Defense and Security, Democratic Resilience, and Technology and Innovation. Competitive entries will be selected to be part of a publicized shortlist, and a judging panel of policymakers and thought leaders will choose a winner. The author of the winning entry will be awarded a cash prize of $500 and invited to take part in this year’s CEPA Forum and join former National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley for a conversation about their winning idea and the future of the transatlantic alliance.

How to Enter

What are the Issues?

CEPA is looking for policy ideas and concepts addressing how the transatlantic alliance can win the war and peace. Competition entries should respond to one of the following questions:

  • Defense and Security: What lessons can the world learn from Ukraine to improve future military deterrence and defense?
  • Democratic Resilience: What is needed to rebuild and grow Ukraine’s economy?
  • Technology and Innovation: How will Artificial Intelligence aid future national security efforts?

How Do I Enter?

Entrants can submit their policy ideas in one of the following formats:

  • a 1-minute video
  • a 1-3 slide infographic
  • a meme (video or image)
  • or a 500-word short story

The competition will be open to entries from applicants aged 16 to 26 years old (as of July 21) and either a citizen or permanent resident of a NATO member state or a NATO partner country. There are no minimum educational qualifications other than being in good standing with your current or most recent academic institution.

Entries for the policy pitching competition are now closed. For any questions regarding entries, please email info@cepa.org.

What Do I Win?

Entries will be reviewed and submitted to a shortlist by a panel of judges made up of a cross-generational group of policymakers and thought leaders in the arena of transatlantic affairs. The winning entrant will be awarded $500 and be chosen to join former National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley for a conversation during this year’s CEPA Forum to discuss their policy idea and how different generations on both sides of the Atlantic can work together to ensure a more secure future. The winner will also be invited to publish an article on a topic of their choice in CEPA’s Europe’s Edge journal.

This competition is hosted in partnership with European Horizons, an organization that empowers the youth to foster a stronger transatlantic bond and a more united Europe cornerstones of a future underpinned by democracy, equality, and freedom.