The population is getting restless. Nearly one in three Russians say they are prepared to take to the streets in protest, the highest levels since 2011, according to a recent poll by the Levada Cente

Vladimir Putin is falling to earth. For the first time, the Kremlin leader’s approval ratings have fallen to the same levels as Russia’s governors.

Anger is still raw over a controversial decision to raise the retirement age. The Russian economy is still mired in stagnation.

And the imperial dream—and the bright shiny object—of Russkiy Mir was struck a serious blow with Ukrainian Orthodox Church poised to receive autocephaly, or independence.

For the past several years, an angry populist wave fueled by economic discontent has buffeted the West, causing political upheaval in Europe and North America. Is the Kremlin now vulnerable to a Russian version of that wave? And if so, what does that mean?

Joining Brian Whitmore for a new episode of the Power Vertical Podcast is CEPA Senior Fellow Donald N. Jensen and Maria Snegovaya, an adjunct fellow at CEPA.