The Autumn of Russia’s Discontent


Power Vertical Podcast Ep. 14

We've had a sustained and persistent wave of protests over plans to raise Russia's retirement age. We've had an embarrassing election where the Kremlin has been unable to control the results -- or the script. And we've had Vladimir Putin's former bodyguard and current National Guard commander Viktor Zolotov challenging Russia's main opposition leader Aleksei Navalny to a duel.

Just six months into Putin's fourth term in the Kremlin, his regime appears on the defensive as Russia's political reality changes before our eyes. But what exactly is it changing into? And what exactly does it mean?

On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, Brian Whitmore discusses Russia’s autumn of discontent with former U.S. State Department official and CEPA Senior Fellow Donald N. Jensen and CEPA Adjunct Fellow Maria Snegovaya.

Correction: The murdered Russian Tsar in question was Paul I, not Alexander I.


October 1, 2018