Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies

Providing insight into geostrategy, deterrence, territorial defense, and the European military balance.

Road Warrior Ep. 1

Ben Hodges goes beyond the Beltway to discuss whether NATO should still matter to Americans.

Road Warrior Ep. 2

Ben Hodges and Brian Whitmore discuss some of the immediate benefits of NATO to America.

Road Warrior Ep. 3

Ben Hodges sits down with NATO SACT Gen. André Lanata.

Quote in Business Insider

Ben Hodges discusses how the U.S. Army has adapted Exercise DEFENDER-20 to COVID-19.

Interview on Turkey and Syria

Ben Hodges discusses U.S. support of Turkish plans in Syria.

Zeitgeist Podcast

Ben Hodges joins Jeff Rathke to discuss European security issues.

Quote in WSJ

Ben Hodges discusses Exercise DEFENDER 20.

Norwegian Atlantic Committee

Ben Hodges discusses the value of allies to the United States.

Quote in Washington Post

Ben Hodges discusses the latest from Britain on 5G.

Quote in Business Insider

Ben Hodges talks about A2/AD and how NATO can defend against it.

Interview with Belsat TV

Ben Hodges discusses Belarus and its relations with Russia and the West.

NPR Interview

LTG (Ret.) Hodges spoke about U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

Article in Real Clear Defense

Ben Hodges co-authors an article on takeaways from NATO's London Summit.

Ben Hodges in Die Zeit

Ben Hodges assesses Germany's potential role in strengthening NATO moving forward.

Quote in the Times

Ben Hodges talks about Turkey and NATO to the Times.

GMF Event

Ben Hodges joins Jan Techau and GMF to discuss NATO and Europe in Fayetteville, NC.

Major CEPA Report Launch

Ben Hodges, Janusz Bugajski, and Peter Doran discuss a new interim report on achieving a coherent defense posture on NATO's Eastern Flank.

Panel on Belarus

Ben Hodges joins Minister Oleg Kravchenko, DAS George Kent, and Glen Howard to discuss Western relations with Belarus.

Reflections in Military Service with the Tallahassee Democrat

"Veterans Day: Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Quincy veteran, reflects on storied 37-year military career"

Quote in Bloomberg

Ben Hodges talks about the U.S. role in Eastern Europe as well as Syria and Turkey.

Appearance on Anne Will

Ben Hodges discusses Turkey, the U.S., the Middle East and Europe.

Quote in Yahoo News

Ben Hodges discusses the increased U.S. troops presence in Lithuania.

Panel with New Strategy Center

Ben Hodges discusses the Balkans and Romania.

Minsk Dialogue

Ben Hodges participates in a convening on Belarus and strategic stability.

Warsaw Security Forum

Ben Hodges discusses military mobility through Poland.

CEPA Forum

Ben Hodges moderates a panel with LTG Eric Wesley, MG (Ret.) John Gronski, and State Secretary Mikołaj Wild.

Interview in Georgia Today

Ben Hodges makes the case for Georgia to join NATO.

McCain Institute Tbilisi Conference

Ben Hodges speaks about Georgia's role in NATO defense and Black Sea security.

International Defense Industry Exhibition

Ben Hodges moderates an MSPO on NATO coherence.

Economic Forum Panel

Ben Hodges joins a panel in Krynica on NATO and Russia.

EESC Panel

Ben Hodges joins Vice Minister of National Defense Giedrimas Jeglinskas, Nortautas Statkus, and Linas Kojala to discuss Baltic security in Vilnius.

Adamkus Conference in Vilnius

Ben Hodges joins heads of state and foreign ministers to discuss the future of European security.

Podcast Interview

Ben Hodges joins 210 Leaders to discuss geopolitics and business.

Quoted in Stars and Stripes

Ben Hodges says that pulling U.S. troops from Germany would be a colossal mistake.

Quoted in VOA

Ben Hodges says that by delivering armored vehicles to Serbia, Russia creates instability in the Balkans.

MEI Podcast on Turkey

Ben Hodges joins the Middle East Institute to discuss Turkey, the United States, and NATO.

Time for Turkey-USA 2.0

Ben Hodges outlines how the United States can rebuild this essential relationship.

Visit to Georgia

Ben Hodges is hosted by Ambassador George Janjgava of Georgia.

Interview with Voice of America

Ben Hodges speaks with VOA about Serbia and Kosovo.

Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum

Ben Hodges joins GEN Nicolae Ciuca to discuss NATO-EU cooperation for military mobility.

Meeting President of Serbia

Ben Hodges speaks with President Vučić about NATO and regional security.

U.S.-Poland Security Cooperation

Ben Hodges discusses the new U.S. force posture in Poland with the Los Angeles Times.

On Serbia and Kosovo

Ben Hodges argues that the West has a better story to tell.

Speech at West Point

Ben Hodges says General Kosciuszko “embodies the relationship between Poland, Lithuania, and the United States.”

Panel at Romania’s New Strategy Center

Ben Hodges discusses NATO and Romanian security in the Black Sea with experts from the region.

Meeting with Oleksandr Turchynov

Ben Hodges meets with the former Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine.

Profile in Frankfurter Allgemeine

"Der General und sein neues Leben" profiles Ben Hodges' new career after retiring from military service.

Meeting Anna Maria Anders

The Polish Senator visited CEPA in celebration of NATO's 70th anniversary.

CEPA Ministerial Forum

As NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary, Ben Hodges underscores the importance of NATO coherence.

Meeting GEN André Lanata

The Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and Ben Hodges meet at NATO ACT in Norfolk, VA.

Black Sea Security Roundtable

Ben Hodges convenes an expert discussion in Bucharest assessing NATO's strengths and weakness in the Black Sea.

Vilnius Security Forum

Ben Hodges says that “your American ally will always be here. Our commitment to Europe is rock solid.”

Quoted in Defense One

Ben Hodges discusses the essential role of Allies in securing the United States.

Munich Security Conference

Ben Hodges joins #yourMSC and Ana Kasparian to discuss the U.S. role in NATO following Brussels.

Meeting with Peter Tauber

Ben Hodges meets with the German Bundestag member to discuss NATO and military mobility.

Power Vertical Podcast

Ben Hodges joins Brian Whitmore to discuss Russia’s military posture from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

CEPA Salon at the Estonian Embassy

Ben Hodges, Réka Szemerkényi, and H.E. Jonatan Vseviov discuss the current security challenges facing NATO.

Panel on Belarus

At an Atlantic Council panel on Belarus, Ben Hodges says that deterrence comes from Alliance cohesion, not just troops.

Why NATO Must Deter Russia

Ben Hodges argues that to prepare for conflict with China, the European pillar of U.S. security must effectively deter Russia.

CERVO Institute Panel

Ben Hodges joins Peter Doran and former Defense Minister/Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra.

Interview with The Daily Beast

Ben Hodges discusses the importance of European security for the United States given a potential confrontation with China.

The General and the Ambassador Podcast

Ben Hodges joins Ambassadors Steve Mull and Deborah McCarthy to discuss the U.S. military presence in Europe.

Golden Statute Award

Ben Hodges joins the ranks of Bill Clinton and Lech Wałęsa to be honored by the BCC.

Quoted in Foreign Policy

Ben Hodges comments on security in the Baltic Sea.

Deterring Russia in the Black Sea

Ben Hodges writes about preventing Russian aggression in the Black Sea in the latest policy paper from Romania’s New Strategy Center.

Interview on Calling Ukraine Podcast

Ben Hodges says that "this is obviously a deliberate effort by Russian forces to keep pushing the line."

Sea of Azov

Ben Hodges discusses what is next after Azov with Defense One.

Russia’s Threat and Ukraine’s Future

Ben Hodges discusses Russia, Ukraine, and growing military tension in Europe with the Kyiv Post.

Targeting 2%

Ben Hodges and Carsten Schmiedl argue that it is time to take a more sophisticated approach to burden-sharing.

CEPA Forum 2018

Ben Hodges moderates a panel on moving towards smarter defense spending and greater Alliance cohesion.

Interview in SWJ

Ben Hodges discusses military mobility, burden-sharing, and deterrence.

Quoted in DW

Ben Hodges comments on Russia, Germany, and NATO.

NATO's Corridor and Russia's Gap

Ben Hodges describes the challenges presented by the Suwałki Corridor.

Securing the Suwałki Corridor

Ben Hodges, Janusz Bugajski, and Peter B. Doran recommend how to defend some of NATO's most important territory.

Power Vertical Podcast

Ben Hodges joins Brian Whitmore to discuss NATO's Eastern Flank and the Suwałki Corridor.

NATO Engages

Ben Hodges discusses security and stability in the EU Neighborhood.

Europe Needs German Logistics

Ben Hodges and Elisabeth Braw write that on the road to Brussels, "Europe needs more from Germany than tanks, it urgently needs German logistics."

Suwalki Roundtable

Ben Hodges convenes the CEPA Suwalki Roundtable in Warsaw.

CEPA Salon at the Czech Embassy

Ben Hodges and Réka Szemerkényi discuss Czech strategic priorities with Jakub Dürr.

Reshaping SE Europe Security

In the lead up to the 2018 NATO summit in Brussels, CEPA held an expert roundtable in cooperation with the Presidential Administration of Romania. The event featured insight from Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, CEPA President Peter B. Doran, and CEPA Pershing Chair Ben Hodges.

Warsaw Forum

Ben Hodges discusses NATO logistics and the need for more German trains, not tanks.

Latvian Embassy

Ben Hodges and Edward Lucas visit Latvia's UK Embassy to discuss Alliance security.

Snow Meeting 2018

Ben Hodges and the CEPA team engage with other experts in Lithuania.

Award From Lithuania

Ben Hodges was honored by Minister Karoblis for enhancing NATO security.

Assessing Allied Security

LTG Ben Hodges and Peter B. Doran discuss allies security priorities ahead of Brussels.