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Leveraging Technology for Our Collective Defense

CEPA’s Defense Tech Initiative (DTI) helps the United States and its partners and allies leverage emerging and disruptive technologies to enhance collective defense and prepare for future threats. In an increasingly contested world, the ability to do this more effectively than competitors such as China and Russia will shape the global role of the transatlantic Alliance over the next decade. Bringing together U.S. and European policymakers, military officials, industry leaders, and tech experts, the work aims to foster dialogue and strengthen transatlantic cooperation on defense tech. Through strategic convenings and cutting-edge analysis, the Initiative seeks to harmonize transatlantic perspectives, encourage public-private collaboration, spark innovation and investment, and build a more robust policy framework around defense technology issues.


Analysis & Research

NATO Leadership on Ethical AI is Key to Future Interoperability

By Joanna van der Merwe

Establishing NATO ethical AI principles is the first step toward both technical and political alignment.


Defense Technologies ... for What? Speed, Speed, Speed!

By Ben Hodges

Giving our armed forces the proper technologies to perform their mission will ultimately ensure that deterrence never fails.


Events and Impact

Defense Tech Roundtable Series

This roundtable series brings together policymakers, military officials, industry innovators, and experts from Europe and the United States for private, small group discussions on specific defense tech issues. Previous guests include science fiction author August Cole, U.S. Department of Defense representatives, and Admiral (Ret.) Jamie Foggo.


Lauren Speranza
Ben Hodges
Pershing Chair
Kulani Abendroth-Dias
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Senior Fellow
Nicholas Nelson
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Joanna van der Merwe