Our workstreams focus on finding solutions to complex problems in three core policy areas:

Defense Tech and Innovation

CEPA’s Defense Tech Initiative explores how the transatlantic community can harness emerging and disruptive technologies (EDT) to strengthen our strategic edge and enhance our collective defense. Our ability to do this will shape the global role of the United States and the Alliance in the coming decade. Our research focuses on how the Alliance can overmatch competitors and adversaries in key areas (from AI to autonomous systems to space), how these technologies can be applied to tackle hybrid threats, and how to make these capabilities more standardized and interoperable in an Allied context.

Areas of Contestation

This work identifies the key regions of contestation and functional aspects of strategic competition to prioritize in the future security environment. Building on CEPA’s long-standing focus on regional security, it explores how the U.S., allies, and partners can cooperate to increase defense and deterrence in the Nordic-Baltic region, the Black Sea region, and through efforts on military mobility.

The Future of the Alliance

This body of work is critical to determining how we adapt transatlantic institutions, strategies, and policies to ensure they are fit for the future. It leverages CEPA’s ability to bring forward-looking and next-generation insights to fundamental transatlantic policy discussions.