Democratic Resilience Program

Investing in Our Common Democratic Future

The Democratic Resilience Program (DR) at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) advances policy solutions to strengthen the resilience of democracies against authoritarian threats and enhance Euro-Atlantic dialogue around democratic governance. Our focus is on Central and Eastern Europe as a testing ground for these compounding threats.

Through strategic convening, policy relevant research, and deep expertise, our program promotes democratic values and principles underlying the transatlantic alliance: transparency, accountability, and the rule of law while developing policy solutions to foreign malign influence. Working across the public and private sector and in partnership with civil society groups, we develop strategies and policy solutions to build a whole-of-society effort to counter threats to democracy while investing in long-term resilience.

Our projects focus on:

  • Countering foreign disinformation from Russia and China;
  • Raising awareness around global challenges to democracies; and
  • Promoting regional expert and civil society approaches to common threats to the rule of law.