Democratic Resilience Program

Investing in Our Common Democratic Future

As a core initiative of the most powerful voice in Washington on transatlantic affairs, the Center for European Policy Analysis Democratic Resilience program aims to support policymakers – in government, civil society, business, and the media, in North America and in Europe – in achieving three vital aims:

  1. Countering authoritarian threats to democracy. Resurgent autocratic regimes in Russia, China, and elsewhere seek to bolster their political dominance at home and project their power abroad by subverting democratic institutions and undermining faith in democratic practice. To mitigate these threats, policymakers will need effective strategies for strengthening institutional resilience, supporting independent civic and journalistic voices, responding to rising digital authoritarianism, and supporting democratic openings in authoritarian states themselves.  
  2. Responding to democratic backsliding. Societies across Europe and elsewhere are struggling to defend the hard-won achievements of post-communist democratization and liberalization against expanding authoritarian influence and anti-democratic interests at home. Reversing this dynamic will require pro-democracy forces in governments, civil societies, and media throughout the transatlantic space to find common cause in restoring commitment to representative, accountable, and transparent government.  
  3. Bolstering established democracies. The US and many of its allies are facing growing challenges to the functioning of core institutions of democratic governance. These challenges can be neither assumed away, nor seen off in isolation. To ensure the resilience of the democratic model globally, transatlantic leaders and societies will need to take a hard look at their own vulnerabilities and to learn lessons from those on the front lines of the struggle for democracy. 

To help transatlantic policymakers succeed in the goals of countering authoritarian threats, responding to democratic backsliding and bolstering established democracies, the Democratic Resilience program brings to bear cutting-edge research and actionable, evidence-based analysis on the causes and effects of democratic breakdown and resilience.