Maksym Circle

Maksym Eristavi

Fellow, Transatlantic Leadership

Maksym Eristavi is an Eastern European journalist, writer, and Nonresident Fellow with the Transatlantic Leadership program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. His work explores the intersection of identity politics, disinformation, and Russian colonialism. A self-described 'bridge-builder', he amplifies and explains stories from global frontline battles for equal human and civil rights. He is a co-founder of the Russian Language News Exchange, the biggest support network for independent journalism in Eastern Europe; a contributing writer for Washington Post, Politico, Foreign Affairs, among others, and chairs the managing board of Kyiv Pride, the biggest pride event in Eastern Europe. He is a former policy adviser at the European Parliament and a former senior fellow with the Atlantic Council, a DC-based foreign policy think-tank. Eristavi is a 2015 Poynter fellow at Yale University with a focus on informational wars and pan-regional LGBTI civil rights movements. Find out more at

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