alexander crowther

G. Alexander Crowther

Senior Fellow, Transatlantic Defense and Security

G. Alexander (Alex) Crowther is a Nonresident Senior Fellow with the Transatlantic Defense and Security Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. He is a Professor of Practice for Cyber Issues at Florida International University and does research for the Swedish Defense University. He has lived overseas 13 times for a total of 25 years. His work at the strategic level includes tours at the Pentagon, as a Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute (SSI, the U.S. Army’s think tank), and as a Senior Research Fellow on NATO/Europe and Cyber Policy at the U.S. National Defense University. He was personally selected for several positions as an advisor for senior officials including several years as a Special Assistant for the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR). He was also an adjunct Senior Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation and a Senior Analyst at Wikistrat, the world’s first massive multiplayer online consultancy. He has published in a variety of formats and locations since 2005, mainly on cyber and European security issues. Alex also teaches at the graduate level and lectures in Europe and Latin America in both English and Spanish. Alex has a BA in International Relations from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in International Development from Tulane University. He was also an International Security Studies Fellow at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy. He specializes in NATO and Europe, cyber policy, strategy, and unconventional forms of competition.

Written by Alexander Crowther

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