Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek

Title VIII Fellow, Transatlantic Leadership

Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek was a Title VIII Fellow in the Transatlantic Leadership program at CEPA.

Buchanan Ponczek graduated from the University of Oxford with an MPhil (dist.) in Russian and East European Studies and was awarded the Michael Kaser Prize for the best political economy thesis. Previously, she earned her BA (magna cum laude) in Political Science at Miami University, with a focus on Russian kleptocracy and petroleum transit in the Caspian Sea region. At CEPA, she will research the domestic drivers of Polish and Hungarian foreign policy.

Written by Cordelia Buchanan Ponczek

blank Poland and Hungary Part Ways on Putin Viktor Orbán’s closeness to Russia is testing the alliance between Poland and Hungary.
blank The Finnish-Swedish Dilemma: Fight or Flight Gone is the notion that the Nordics should preserve a “special relationship” with an increasingly unpredictable Russia.
blank Ukraine: Know Who Your Friends Are (and Aren’t) The transatlantic alliance has just about maintained a common front during the Ukraine crisis, but it needs to do much, much better.
blank Bullied Nordics Reject Russia’s Threats Finland and Sweden reject the Kremlin’s bullying, but resist a decision on NATO membership.
blank Russia’s Warsaw Pact-Lite Deploys to Crush Dissent For the first time in the organization’s history, the CSTO collective security article has been invoked in Kazakhstan.
blank Poland’s Military Might and Hopefully Will It is one thing to announce a huge expansion of the armed forces, and another to make it happen.