Chris Cytera

Christopher Cytera

Senior Fellow, Digital Innovation Initiative

Christopher Cytera CEng MIET is a nonresident senior fellow with the Digital Innovation Initiative at the Center for European Policy Analysis and a technology business executive with over 30 years experience in semiconductors, electronics, communications, video, and imaging. Having worked for successful start-ups such as Alphamosaic and Spectral Edge, as well as industry giants such as Broadcom and ST Microelectronics, Christopher is able to draw on a breadth of technical and commercial experience in his current role as an independent Technology Business Consultant. His most recent work has been with potential spin-off companies in electronics and sustainable technologies, enabling them to fundraise and get their technologies to market.

Christopher is a graduate in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton (UK), a Chartered Engineer, and a member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET).

Written by Christopher Cytera

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