Carsten Schmiedl

Senior Program Officer, Transatlantic Defense and Security

Carsten Schmiedl is Senior Program Officer in the Transatlantic Defense and Security Program. His interests include transatlantic relations, strategic culture, and the intersection of national security and emerging technology. He holds an MA from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a BA from the University of Southern California. He speaks German, French, and Italian.

Written by Carsten Schmiedl

Europe, Defend Yourself (and the US Will Help) Greater European responsibility for defense can further the interests of the transatlantic alliance in both Europe and the Indo-Pacific.
Close to the Wind: Executive Summary The security of the Baltic Sea region will continue to be determined by the climate of east-west relations and EU-NATO cohesion.
Close to the Wind: Background – State of Play In the Baltic Sea region Russia has strengthened its quantitative and qualitative advantage.
Close to the Wind: The Bigger Picture – The Strategic Context The United States and its allies are in the process of a contentious, protracted, and belated effort to assess and respond to the threats from Russia and China, amid disruptive economic, technological, and public health challenges.
Close to the Wind: What Russia Wants The Kremlin aims to be the dominant power in Eurasia, using Russia’s size to exert strong influence over its neighbors and to bargain with big countries on an equal basis.
Close to the Wind: The Military Threat Russia’s military capabilities and plans, coupled with the changing nature of warfare and the disadvantageous topography of the Baltic states, shape the strategic outlook for the Baltic Sea region.