Ben Dubow (2)

Ben Dubow

Fellow, Democratic Resilience

Ben Dubow is CTO and founder of Omelas, a firm that provides data and analysis on how states manipulate the web to achieve their geopolitical goals, and Nonresident Fellow with the Democratic Resilience Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. His research on Russian and Chinese online information operations has appeared in Reuters, The Moscow Times, Bloomberg, Roll Call, and has been targeted by Sputnik and RIA Novosti. Ben began his career tracking jihadi, white supremacist, and Iranian activity online before joining Google where he played a lead role in removing ISIS content from YouTube and establishing the Redirect Method, a digital CVE effort. Before Omelas, Ben was Secretary of Code To Inspire, a nonprofit that teaches Afghan women to code. Ben speaks Arabic, French, Farsi, and basic Russian.

Written by Ben Dubow

Nuclear Option for Putin’s Fossilized Russia Russia must be weaned away from its worship of hydrocarbons. Nuclear power could provide an answer, for the Kremlin and the wider world.
Escaping the Russian Cage? Not So Fast The West has shown commendable determination to help Europe’s poorest country, but it will take much more effort to free Moldova from the Kremlin’s grip
Russia’s Worldwide Influence Relies on YouTube Without Silicon Valley’s continuing goodwill, the Kremlin’s information machine is in trouble
Energy Crisis Pays Dividends for Patient Putin Russia has long prepared to reap political rewards from energy crises in Europe, particularly through the isolation of Ukraine
Russia Election: Millions of Votes but Only One Outcome This weekend (September 17-19) Russians will vote for 450 members of the Duma, the country’s lower legislative body. Although the polls for Putin’s party — United Russia — are grim, the outcome is preordained.
Putin’s Dance With Jihad Putin’s view of the fight against Islamism is shaped by his belief that Westerners make calculations the same way he does.