Moscow’s Asymmetric Complex


Power Vertical Podcast Ep. 20

The line between peace and war is blurred, as is the line between domestic politics and foreign affairs. The motherland is surrounded and besieged by enemies.

And in this environment, the best defense is a good offense. In this environment, the best strategy is to weaponize everything.

The concept of asymmetric warfare is not new to Russian military thinking. In fact, it has deep historical roots. What are they? And what can the West learn from them?

Listen to the latest Power Vertical Podcast as host Brian Whitmore is joined by Krisztián Jójárt, the Andrassy National Security Fellow at CEPA, an external fellow at the Budapest-based Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, and author of a forthcoming report on the Historical Roots of Russian Asymmetric Warfare. Also joining the podcast is report co-author Dorka Takácsy, the Széll Kálmán Fellow at the Hungary Initiatives Foundation in Washington, and Donald N. Jensen, a senior fellow at CEPA and a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University.



December 7, 2018