Double or Quits: Hungary and Poland Face EU Decision Time
The European Union (EU) continues to push back against Hungary and Poland for flouting democratic standards.
Chelsea Michta
Covid Conspiracies Leak From Russia’s Lie Labs
China and Russia have formed an opportunistic propaganda alliance to blame the U.S. for covid-19.
Ben Dubow
Nord Stream 2: Punish the Looters
Congress could use the pipeline as an anti-corruption test case.
Alan Riley
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🇷🇺 “From the very beginning of the Putin era, Gazprom has been used as a piggy bank for regime adherents.” @profalanriley1

🇷🇺 AUG 5, 10 AM ET - @LaurenSperanza @general_ben @atiersky Egle Murauskaite @iconsproject and George Zambellas analyze Russia’s Zapad 2021 exercises, and their implications for NATO’s broader defense and deterrence efforts in Europe.

🪖📡 Hybrid warfare combines military, nonmilitary, covert, and overt means, like disinformation, cyberattacks, economic coercion. Check out #HybridFutures and learn about how it will evolve over the next decade, & how NATO can counter it. @USNATO

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