The Center for European Policy Analysis hosted Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Senior Russia Analyst Brian Whitmore for a discussion on new insights and techniques from the digital frontline. The conversation was moderated by CEPA Senior Adjunct Fellow Donald N. Jensen and featured insight from CEPA Executive Vice President Peter B. Doran and CEPA StratCom Program Contributor Corina Rebegea.

How has Russia continually succeeded in creating discord and division inside Western democracies—even as its subversive tactics are increasingly exposed to scrutiny? To date, Russia has employed a variety of means (including propaganda, financial influence, and digital warfare) to exploit the openness of Western institutions. In response, countries have begun to formulate ways to push back against these threats, yet so far without a clear consensus on strategy.

Is Russia prepared for a coordinated Western response to its techniques? The discussion considered: (1) what are the factors driving Russia to challenge the West; (2) what is being done to expose and track Russian efforts; and (3) what can Russia’s neighbors – both physical and virtual – do to defend and push back against Russia’s multi-layered assault on shared values and institutions?

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Peter B. Doran

Brian Whitmore

Corina Rebegea