What is the strategic importance of the greater Black Sea region? Despite being a hub of heightened great power competition, the transatlantic community has not prioritized the region in recent years. To develop a comprehensive Black Sea strategy and implement more effective policies there, the United States and its allies need to consider all domains of national and alliance power. One useful framework is the U.S. Department of Defense's “DIME” construct, which suggests four domains — diplomatic, informational, military, and economic — and necessitates coordination and conversation between them.

CEPA hosted a conversation on why the Black Sea region matters with a distinguished panel of experts with backgrounds in these four fields.

ModeratorLTG (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair, CEPA


Glen Howard, President, Jamestown Foundation

Leonela Leca, Researcher, Global Studies Center, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

Don Lothrop, Founder, RomaniaOne

RADM (Ret.) Mark Montgomery, U.S. Navy; Executive Director, Cyberspace Solarium Commission

Ambassador Kurt Volker, Distinguished Fellow, CEPA

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Photo: “This SeaWiFS view reveals the colorful interplay of currents on the sea's surface” by The SeaWiFS Project - NASA Earth Observatory under Public Domain.

LTG (Ret.) Ben Hodges