On Friday, June 14 CEPA hosted a roundtable on the possible cooperation of Russia and China to influence Central Europe, and the strategies the West must develop to counter these tactics. The discussion featured insights from Jakub Janda, Director of the European Values Think Tank. The conversation was moderated by Peter B. Doran, CEPA President.

Central Europe is progressively becoming an arena for Great Power competition. Russia, China, and the United States are all heavily invested in the future and success of the newest members of the European Union. Both Russia and China continue to expend resources to develop their influence in the West. Russia uses energy projects, disinformation campaigns, and financial institutions, among other strategies to leverage political power in the West. China's economic investments and media manipulation are expanding Beijing's impact in the region. As Central Europe is increasingly a target for both Russian and Chinese campaigns, the West must be ready with a comprehensive strategy to counter this interference.

Jakub Janda, who was influential in forming Czech national policy on countering foreign malign influence activities considered the following questions during the discussion: how should the West respond to the different threat vectors Beijing and Moscow pose; are Russia and China cooperating in their influence campaigns in the West; and how can the United States help Europe prepare for strategic competition with Russia and China?









Peter B. Doran