The Center for European Policy Analysis hosted an experts discussion on the Baltic countries as a renewed theater of U.S. national security and foreign policy. The discussion featured expert insight and analysis from Donald N. Jensen and Colin Dueck following their recent return from assessment tours of all three Baltic countries under the auspices of the CEPA-BAFF Atlantic Strategy Fellowship. Moderated by CEPA's Peter B. Doran, participants considered critical questions regarding Baltic regional security, geopolitics, and transatlantic relations, including: where do Baltic perceptions converge—and diverge—on the range of security scenarios they might face from Moscow; when could low-scale subversion, disinformation, and malign influence from Moscow could escalate into more direct forms of military pressure; and finally, where are recent NATO & U.S. deterrence measures working—and where are they under-performing?

Increasingly, the Baltic states are at the epicenter of a new strategic reality—one where geopolitical friction with Russia is combining with a rapidly changing regional security landscape. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are responding to these pressures with plus-ups to their national military spending and by fielding innovative response strategies in the areas of societal resilience, cyber defenses, and counter-disinformation. The organizing question is: where do the United States and its Baltic allies go from here?

This event was hosted with the support of the Baltic American Freedom Foundation.