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The 2022 NATO Youth Summit agenda is now live! Join us on April 28 to explore issues from climate change, disinformation, weapons proliferation, and humanitarian crises to emerging technologies, cyber threats, and gender discrimination. This high-profile public event will convene young leaders across Europe, North America, and beyond to explore the issues they see as critical to our common security.

Welcome: Youth Perspectives on Security

13:00 CET / 7:00 ET

MC: Lauren Speranza, Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis

Baiba Braže, Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy, NATO

Opening: Setting the Scene

13:15 CET / 7:15 ET

H.E. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General, NATO

Moderator: Lauren Speranza, Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis

Spotlight: An Intergenerational Alliance

13:45 CET / 7:45 ET

H.E. Pedro Sánchez, President, Government of Spain

Discussion: The Future of European Security

13:50 CET / 7:50 ET

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Former Minister of Defense, Federal Republic of Germany   

Gen. John Allen, President, Brookings Institution

Dr. Alina Polyakova, President and CEO, Center for European Policy Analysis   

Capt. Thorben Pfeifer, Aide de Camp to the Director General, NATO International Military Staff

Moderator: Amy Mackinnon, National Security Reporter, Foreign Policy

Geolocation Challenge: Can You Spot the Lie?

14:35 CET / 8:35 ET

Lukas Andriukaitis, Associate Director, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic Council

Uncovering the Truth: New Media, the Information Space, and Conflict

14:45 CET / 8:45 ET

Jessikka Aro, Journalist, YLE  

Andrea Chalupa, Journalist and Author; Writer, Mr. Jones

Peter Pomerantsev, Author, Nothing is True and Everything is Possible; Senior Fellow, SNF Agora Institute, Johns Hopkins University

Moderator: Edward Lucas, Senior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Break / How NATO Makes a Difference

15:15 CET / 9:15 ET

Ine Eriksen Søreide, Chair, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense, Parliament of Norway

Capt. John G.L.J. Jacobs, Former Policy Advisor, Counter Hybrid Unit, Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands

Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair, Center for European Policy Analysis

Capt. Alexander Landry, Staff Officer (Canadian Army), NATO Allied Land Command

Discussion: The Security Implications of Climate Change

15:25 CET / 9:25 ET

Alexandria Villaseñor, Founder, Earth Uprising

Neeshad Shafi, Co-Founder, Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar

Jill Duggan, Executive Director, Europe, Environmental Defense Fund

James Appathurai, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO

Moderator: Jeff Goodell, Author and Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine

Group Simulation: Responding to Cyber Attacks

16:10 CET / 10:10 ET


Chelsey Slack, Deputy Head, Cyber Unit, NATO


Simulation Facilitator:

Jason IsraelSenior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Discussion: Women, Gender, and Identity in Peace and Security

16:45 CET / 10:45 ET

Opening: The Hon. Gina Ortiz Jones, Under Secretary, US Air Force

Interviewed by: Tea, Young Ambassador, Inspiring Girls International


Miriam González Durántez, Founder and Chair, Inspiring Girls International; Founder, #ThisLittleGirlIsMe Campaign

Samina Ansari, Founding Director, Avyanna Diplomacy; Senior Consultant, Vektor Consulting

Cori Fleser, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, Atlantic Council

Shiran Mlamdovsky-Somech, Vice President of Impact, D-ID, Listen to My Voice Campaign

Irene Fellin, Special Representative for Women, Peace, and Security, NATO

Moderator: Daria Nashat, Co-Founder, Women in Politics


17:45 CET / 11:45 ET

Spotlight: The Future Needs You

18:00 CET / 12:00 ET

The Hon. Julianne Smith, Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO

Policy Pitching: Ideas from the Next Generation

18:05 CET / 12:05 ET

Max Brooks, Author, World War Z

Elisabeth Braw, Author, God’s Spies and The Defender’s Dilemma

Benedetta Berti-Alberti, Head of Policy Planning, Office of the Secretary General, NATO

Tania Lațici, Policy Officer, Security and Defense Policy, European External Action Service; Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Competition Winners:

Katarina Kertysova, Policy Fellow, European Leadership Network

Răzvan Foncea, Student, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca

Maria Luisa Moreira, International Relations Officer, Women in International Security Portugal

Facilitator: Lauren Speranza Director, Transatlantic Defense and Security, Center for European Policy Analysis

Gaming: Connect, Defend, and Win

18:40 CET / 12:40 ET

eSports Team, US Army

Discussion: Global Competition on the Rise

18:45 CET / 12:45 ET

Didi Kirsten Tatlow, Co-Author, China's Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage

Andrei Soldatov, Co-founder and Editor, Agentura.Ru; Senior Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis   

Tsiporah Fried, Senior Advisor for Prospective and Strategy to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, French Joint Chiefs of Staff

Rita Balogh, Europe Lead, International Government Affairs, Google

Lt. Gen. Lance Landrum, Deputy Chair, NATO Military Committee

Moderator: Alexandra Martin, Re.Think CEE Policy Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Spotlight: The Importance of Values and Civic Engagement

19:30 CET / 13:30 ET

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Leader, Democratic Belarus

Discussion: At the Frontlines: Democracy, Human Rights, and Activism

19:35 CET / 13:35 ET

Olga Tokariuk, Freelance Correspondent in Kyiv; Fellow, Center for European Policy Analysis

Nathan Law, Human Rights Activist; Author, Freedom

Mikhail Fishman, Russian Journalist and TV Presenter

Moderator: Damon Wilson, President and CEO, National Endowment for Democracy

Storytelling: A No-Fly Zone in Ukraine: Why or Why Not?

20:05 CET / 14:05 ET

Ben Wheeler (D1Wheeler), Content Creator, Tik Tok

Spotlight: The Future is In Your Hands

20:10 CET / 14:10 ET

Rt Hon James Cleverly MP, Minister of State for Europe and North America, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, United Kingdom

Showcase: NATO Innovation: Project X

20:15 CET / 14:15 ET

Daniel Hilgert, International Staff, Defense Investment Division

Eilidh Catherine Radcliff, MSc Student, Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft

Dennis Wietse Van Eck Van der Sluijs, Security Studies Student, Leiden University

Closing: Passing the Ball

20:25 CET / 14:25 ET

Mircea Geoană, Deputy Secretary General, NATO