Lithuania’s Response to Chinese Malign Influence 

February 3, 2023 at 10:00 am to 10:30 am

Event Overview

A Fireside Chat with the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

Relations between Lithuania and China have deteriorated dramatically since the opening of a Taiwanese representative office in Vilnius and Lithuania’s withdrawal from the then-17+1 initiative. Recent research by CEPA on Chinese influence operations in Central and Eastern Europe, however, has highlighted Lithuania’s remarkable resilience in the face of immense pressure from Beijing. The Lithuanian Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Egidijus Meilūnas, sits down with CEPA’s Sam Greene to discuss the future of Lithuania’s relationship with China, the support Lithuania will need from its European allies, and the path to a coordinated transatlantic response to China.  


H.E. Egidijus Meilūnas, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Lithuania  

Moderated by:

Sam Greene, Director, Democratic Resilience, Center for European Policy Analysis 

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