The CEPA Warsaw office hosted a university roundtable discussion on the existing and emerging disinformation techniques used by Russia's propaganda machine in Poland.

The discussion featured insight from CEPA's Polish StratCom contributor Wojciech Jakóbik and was moderated by CEPA’s Olgierd Syczewski. Participants from Warsaw’s top universities considered: what are the differences between disinformation techniques used by the Kremlin in Poland versus the larger V4 region and the Alliance; what are the emerging digital tools and channels of propaganda Russia's machine; and how can Poland counter and push back against Russian propaganda.

The Kremlin views disinformation as simply another tool in its war-fighting arsenal. In this digital information warfare arena, Moscow employs non-linear methods to sow discord, build political apathy and weaken the ties that bind, rather than bullets or bombs. While Russia would not be able to face the West on the battlefield, it is able to project power digitally by hacking, leaking and pitting allies against each other.

To truly counter and push back against Russia's disinformation offensive, the West needs to better understand how the Kremlin operates in this digital domain by working with the emerging thought leaders of the digital generation.