On Wednesday, June 20, CEPA hosted a roundtable featuring insight from Bánk Boros, Director at the Nézőpont Institute and Ágoston Mráz, CEO of the Nézőpont Institute. The event was moderated by Peter B. Doran, President of CEPA.

Central European (CE) countries play an active role in shaping policy in Brussels. How does national public opinion impact CE policymakers' decision-making for the European Union (EU) and NATO?

During the event, participants reviewed the results of the Nézőpont Institute's recently published public opinion studies from Central Europe, focused on the European Union and NATO. The discussion focused on several fundamental questions: how does the EU balance the sovereignty of nation-states with the federalist trends in Brussels; how can the EU overcome economic challenges to reach its goals of expansion; what role should Brussels play in the continuing discussion on migration; what role should migration play in the future of Europe; how should CE countries approach their relationships with Russia; how do CE states see the United States and how can those perceptions be used to strengthen the transatlantic alliance?









Peter B. Doran