On Tuesday, May 22, MG John G. Ferrari led a discussion on U.S. Army priorities in Europe. The roundtable was moderated by CEPA President Peter B. Doran and considered: the U.S. Army’s strategic direction in modernization and what opportunities may emerge with allies, to deepen defense cooperation and interoperability; what are potential new deterrence and defense opportunities thanks to Congressional increases in EDI funding; and how might Central and Eastern European allies help the U.S. Army maximize opportunities in the realm of transatlantic defense? This event was off-the-record.

Right now, the United States and its allies are responding to 21st century security challenges along Europe’s Eastern Frontier. This includes America’s European Defense Initiative (EDI) as well as a strategic rethink by the Pentagon as to the kind of Army that the United States will field in the years ahead. New ideas behind Army modernization, and the robust deterrence of EDI, offer Americans and allies alike the chance to make for a safer and more secure Europe.

Among the Directors on the U.S. Army G8 staff, Ferrari is responsible for critical questions on readiness, structure, and modernization. While the passing of the recent Department of Defense budget has added some predictability to the Army’s future, challenges remain.






Peter B. Doran