Society’s View of Legal Protections in Russia

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Society’s View of Legal Protections in Russia

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May 27, 2020 at 11:30 AM
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Over the last decade, Russia’s position in global rule-of-law rankings has continuously declined as the Kremlin used Russian law to crack down on its political opponents. Recent amendments to the Russian Constitution in 2020 further weakened the independence of the judicial system. Have the legal setbacks in Putin’s Russia undermined the prospects for a rules-based society? CEPA and the Levada Center sought to answer this question through a survey of Russians that was designed to explore how they view the legal situation in their country and what factors they consider to be key obstacles to the development of the rule of law. This discussion will present the results of the report – the second in a series – that focuses on Russians’ attitudes towards the rule of law situation in Russia.

CEPA and the Kennan Institute hosted a discussion where panelists considered: do Russians feel protected by the legal system; how does experience of having one’s rights violated shapes perceptions of the rule of law situation and the political system as a whole; how do Russians view the relative importance of their social and civil rights; and whether they believe that the Russian state fulfills its obligations to society.

Brian Whitmore, Director, Russia Program, CEPA

William Pomeranz, Deputy Director, Kennan Institute, Wilson Center

Maria Snegovaya, Fellow, Russia Program, CEPA

Denis Volkov, Deputy Director, Levada Center

Brian Whitmore


Maria Snegovaya