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Help us reach out to leaders, experts, and innovators as we convene a community of Atlanticists for a dynamic series of virtual keynotes, discussions, debates, and stories discussing the most pressing challenges facing the alliance.

How to Use this Toolkit

Some key steps on how to use this social media toolkit: 

  • Copy these posts and share across social media platforms.   
  • Download a variety of visual assets and draft your own post. 
  • Tag CEPA in your content so we can see your posts too. 
  • Use the hashtags for this event! #CEPAForum #WinTheWar #WinThePeace

You can tailor your own content for CEPA Forum by downloading a variety of visual assets to promote the event page: https://cepa.org/events/cepa-forum/

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Example Posts and Assets

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Ukraine’s resistance has not wavered in the face of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Join #CEPAForum as allies come together and focus on the task of rebuilding Ukraine and safeguarding the foundations of our democratic resilience to #WinThePeace.  https://cepa.org/event/cepa-forum/

Ukraine’s victory will be crucial to ensuring lasting transatlantic security. Join #CEPAForum to see how allies and partners on both sides of the Atlantic are turning unity into action, bolstering our collective security to #WinTheWar. https://cepa.org/event/cepa-forum/

Technology can play a critical role in rebuilding Ukraine and fostering democracy. At #CEPAForum learn how governments, businesses, and civil society across Europe and North America are collaborating to build a digital, democratic future. #WinThePeace https://cepa.org/events/cepa-forum/ 

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Russia’s war against Ukraine shows how new threats have given renewed importance to democratic institutions and their shared values. Tune in to #CEPAForum to discover how the transatlantic alliance can defend itself against these threats. #WinTheWar https://cepa.org/events/cepa-forum/ 

To achieve sustained prosperity and security, allies and partners must focus on rebuilding Ukraine and safeguarding the foundations of democracy. Join #CEPAForum to discover how allies and partners can work to #WinTheWar and #WinThePeace. https://cepa.org/events/cepa-forum/ 

Authoritarian threats continue to challenge the digital domain, creating the need for freedom fighters across the alliance to adapt. Join us at #CEPAForum to learn how allies and partners can work to win the war and win the peace. https://cepa.org/events/cepa-forum/