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The CEPA StratCom Program is an innovative, on-the-ground effort to counter disinformation through analytical and high-impact tools

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The Vanishing Act
Anna Ūdre explores how a Facebook post about an alleged plan to demolish a WWII memorial birthed a disinfo campaign to foment tension in Latvia.

Russian Influence in Romania
CEPA Fellow-in-Residence Corina Rebegea examines the Kremlin's influence toolbox utilized in Romania.


Moscow's Anti-NATO Deception
Moscow's disinformation seeks to popularize false images of the West in the West.


Propaganda attack from the sea?
In 2019, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Agency's annual report identified Russian sailing ships as tools in the Kremlin's on-going propaganda campaigns. The annual Tallinn Maritime Days is one of the targets for this propaganda.


The Georgian conflict: was Tbilisi an exception?
Propastop examines the recent protests in Georgia over Russia's continuing interference, and how it could affect other countries in Europe.

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CEPA #DisinfoNet

CEPA #DisinfoNet is an initiative of the CEPA StratCom Program. It represents a coalition of think tanks and organizations from across Central-East Europe and the United States working to better understand and combat the Kremlin’s hostile disinformation and propaganda activities.


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