Crisis of Opportunity


Russia In The Time Of Coronavirus, Part IV

For the Kremlin, COVID-19 is not just a crisis — it's an opportunity to get sanctions lifted.

The Kremlin seized on a letter UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres sent a letter to G20 leaders on March 24 calling on countries to temporarily waive sanctions on certain industries during the COVID-19 crisis. Vladimir Putin has since called on the G20 to lift sanctions altogether.

The Kremlin is also leveraging its network of Putinverstehers in Europe to amplify Moscow's efforts. And Russia has launched a propaganda campaign framing the United States as inhumane for maintaining sanctions during a global pandemic.

Listen to the Power Vertical Podcast as Brian Whitmore, Maria Snegovaya, and Donald. N Jensen consider what will happen with sanctions in the time of coronavirus.

April 10, 2020