Galyna Mykhailiuk is a lawyer who currently serves as a Member of Parliament in Ukraine and is affiliated with the ‘Servant of the People’ political party. Serving as Deputy Head of the Committee on Law Enforcement, she oversees international cooperation with a view to ensuring effective working relationships with national law enforcement agencies, international partners including EUAM, Council of Europe, and NATO, and representatives of diplomatic missions to Ukraine. She also works part-time as a professor in the Department of Civil, Labor and Agriculture Law at State Biotechnological University and has written over 90 academic publications. In 2021, President Zelenskyy signed Decree No. 406/2021, according to which Galyna Mykhailiuk was awarded the honorary title “Honored Lawyer of Ukraine.” The title is awarded for a significant personal contribution to the development of the rule of law, ensuring the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, and high professionalism.