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For years, the United States and its allies have been facing a stealthy, clandestine, and persistent disinformation threat from Russia, China, and other hostile actors.

It’s an effort that aims to confuse and distract us, to disrupt our democratic processes, to undermine public trust, and to drive wedges in the transatlantic alliance. Some of it is just a rehash of the clumsy Soviet propaganda campaigns we witnessed during the Cold War. And some of it is brand new: a slick, high-tech, next generation effort tailored to exploit the era of digital news and social media.

Listen to episode 74 of the Power Vertical Podcast as Brian Whitmore explores how the United States is defending itself on the front lines from this threat with guests Lea Gabrielle, Special Envoy and Coordinator of the U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center, and Alina Polyakova, President and CEO of CEPA.

Intro Audio Clip: “The Global Engagement Center: Leading the United States Government’s Fight Against Global Disinformation Threat” via the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Photo: By Kevin Horvat on Unsplash. 

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Brian Whitmore

Brian Whitmore is Director of the Russia Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. Before joining CEPA he was Senior Russia Analyst at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He also worked as a foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe in Moscow and Prague; as a graduate instructor in the Department of Government and International Studies at the University of South Carolina; and as a visiting lecturer in the History Faculty at Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraine and the International Relations Faculty at St. Petersburg State University.

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May 29, 2020

The Power Vertical is a CEPA podcast covering the Kremlin for Kremlin watchers. All opinions are those of the guests and do not necessarily represent the position or views of the institutions they represent or the Center for European Policy Analysis.