EU Icepack; Swedish Wolf Warrior Win;
In This Issue: Europe dithers, the G7 makes China a priority, and wolf warrior activity in Sweden
Edward Lucas
Montenegro’s Remorse Illustrates the Perils of Chinese Investment
Montenegro has the potential to increase awareness about the disadvantages of the Chinese model of cooperation.
Paweł Paszak
Ukraine: Time for a True Strategic Partnership
The U.S. and Ukraine need to get serious about putting the cards on the table that would deter Putin from any further military action
Kurt Volker
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🇪🇺 The EU has authorized the United States, Canada, and Norway to join their military mobility project. @general_ben, @FrencLindley & Heinrich Brauss explain why improving military mobility is vital to the security of the transatlantic alliance.

🇨🇳 In the latest China Influence Monitor, @edwardlucas and @CodaStory analyze the G7 summit’s focus on China while Europe continues to disappoint its allies.

🇨🇳🇷🇺 China and Russia are both intent on expanding their political influence throughout Central and Eastern Europe via a network of diplomatic organizations and partnerships. But which country has the larger diplomatic influence in the region? #PartnershipWithoutSubstance

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