Pragmatism Defeats Propaganda – Finland’s Move to NATO
Finland beat back Russian threats and propaganda to embrace NATO. Educational reforms and a free press played key roles
Lauri Kivinen
TRACKING TECH POLICY: Europe’s Drive To Regulate the Net
As technology shapes our societies, the European Union (EU) is moving to increase its government oversight.
Ukraine’s Women at War
Ukraine’s defense against Russia has relied heavily on the contribution of women, from the frontline to the bomb shelter.
SaraJane Rzegocki
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“Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has turned conventions upside down.” @KirkseniyaSF

“When conflict hits, the folks who care about their home don’t stop doing their work,” @ChrisMurphyCT outlines the importance of providing a lifeline to independent voices who continue to report on the truth about Putin’s war in Ukraine.

🇷🇺 “The Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin will be desperately seeking some success to counterbalance its failures in Ukraine and seek to gain his political objectives. It will employ political warfare to do this.” @alexcrowther1

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