Russia, Explained: Putin’s ‘Useful Idiots’
The Kremlin paid for credibility during last year's controversial referendum.
Aliide Naylor
Belarus’s Neglected Economy May Yet Bite Lukashenka’s Regime
The weaker the Belarusian economy grows, the more political difficulties Lukashenka will have to contend with.
Katia Glod
Germany Blasts Hungary; Ericsson Humiliated; Olympic Dilemmas;
Edward Lucas
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MAY 18 - The hybrid threats facing @NATO will grow in complexity, intensity, and scope. @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA @nicoleperlroth @august_cole @general_ben @NATOBrazeB @terischultz discuss how @NATO can adapt NOW for the hybrid warfare of the FUTURE. #HybridFutures

🇷🇺 “Treating the FSB as a possible partner is again on the agenda. And that means that from now on, every major cyber-attack attributed to Russian criminal hackers will play into the hands of the Kremlin.” @AndreiSoldatov

🇨🇳 “Xi’s actions at home and abroad pose the same challenges in the 21st century as totalitarian states posed in the last century.” Walter Clemens

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