Echoes from the Age of Darkness – Time to Confront China’s Xi
A territorially avaricious China requires a U.S. response
Walter Clemens
A Counter-Enlightenment Creeps Through Eurasia
Eurasia’s illiberal states are withstanding the liberal democratic project
Emil Avdaliani
Direct Delivery
Only the United States can reinforce Europe’s frontline quickly. Don’t take it for granted
Edward Lucas
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Additions to the TurkStream gas pipeline, which transports Russian gas to Turkey, will extend through Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia, entrenching Serbia’s energy dependence on Russia, which already supplies two-thirds of the country’s gas and oil. #PartnershipWithoutSubstance

Looking forward to speaking at #DefenceDisrupted on 19 May on how to leverage innovation ecosystems and emerging technologies for defense and to drive practical change. Join me at @disrupt_defence & register here:
@PUBLIC_Team @Disrupt_Defence
@cepa @NATO

MAY 18 - Info ops, cyber-attacks, subversion, low-level conflict, and other hybrid challenges that can be blended with conventional warfare. @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA joins our #HybridFutures town hall to explain why these issues will affect the next generation.

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